Scapin Nope D8 2007 (Mark II)

Pretty cool story. I think they are up there with the most special of Italian frames. The right size is a plus, too. The proof is in how it rides, I suppose.
That’s the plan. Going to ride it around first but have just decided on a bar. An ITM
Will update soon. Thanks guys !
Attention to detail on this is quite nice

IMG_2652.jpeg IMG_2653.jpeg IMG_2654.jpeg IMG_2655.jpeg
That flat bar really improves the look👍
- black, white and red was a little overdone in the noughties - at one point we had a rack of racers 200-2000£ all were black white and red, different brands (although specialized might have pushed it forwards and other brands copied them)
I think that can affect how we see it decades later.
Thanks guys
The bar was too long so cut it down some
Also have the TA outer ring and an FRM Webstem which I’ll put on next couple of days
The overdone red and black with the Halfords £50 bike look has been toned down some
Will put more pics up this weekend when finished
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Nice one.
Surprisingly unusual steel period build, 2003?
I suppose Full Sus, Carbon and Aluminium were dominating at this point