Rusty old Muddy Fox


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Just bought this for £26

It looks to be completely original except perhaps the tyres, the first thing that really jumps out at me is the rust, this will be by far the rustiest bike I ever worked on, so how to best approach the derusting process? When it comes to moving parts like these chainrings, is there a point beyond which there is no reasonable way to salvage them, have these parts reached that point?

I believe this is all Exage 400 LX and as it happens I have most of that group set in a box in the garage in much better condition, but of course I would love to keep this as original as possible. I'm guessing those spokes will need to go along with the chain though, or maybe not. Thinking about getting an ultrasonic cleaner, anyone had any experience with them? I watched some videos and they look pretty amazing for removing this kind of rust.

Will collect it next week and post some close up shots of the worst afflicted areas, but any tips and advice in regards to rust removal in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.

Fingers crossed re the seatpost 😨


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I tried Evaporust for the first time recently. I've been impressed by what it has cleaned up, including a chain that looked like this one. 5 litres was £30 or so but it's reusable (to a point). Removes other oxidation as well.


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£26! Bargain. I reckon most of that will be OK too, if a little cosmetically challenged. With galvanised spokes, if you take the rust off aggressively to make them nice and shiny, the galvanisation goes and they just rust again very, very quickly. Improving them a bit with an oily rag and then tolerating what you've got is the way forward unless you enjoy rust removal.


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I'm guessing this will have the usual combination of Exage hubs and VP20 rims, in which case I have a very tidy spare wheelset sitting around doing very little in case you want to swap them out.


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Great deal, I saw what this went for and couldn't believe it. Good work! I would have paid that for the saddle and grips alone!🤣👍