Rockhopper for Winter Commute!


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This year I've started cycling more and really enjoying it! I've been using my single speed to get about which is fun, but in wetter and colder weather it is slightly less practical. Add in the fact I am too vain to add fenders to it for winter I'm thinking of trying to use this Rockhopper for winter.

I had it serviced earlier this year and it has a brand new rear wheel, but I'm still finding it clunky in gear changing with the gripshift and not 100% convinced I need the front suspension, again a bit of vanity, I would like to change it back to the rigid fork. Might go drop bar too or get some ergon bar ends.

Any tips/tricks/advice welcomed!


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Re: rock hopper for winter commute

Depending on how much off roading you are going to be doing might help you decide what to do with it. older suspension forks don't provide much suspension anyways, depending on the state that they are in, so going rigid on the front fork can make sense. Also Make sure to keep the chain properly greased during cold weather for optimal shifting. happy riding my friend!


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UPDATE: I found a rigid fork that fits and is (almost) colour matched.

Would appreciate some advice regarding shifter upgrades - should I change to a 1 x setup to get more modern components as 3x7 seems to be dated now.

Also, handlebars - I don't hate the originals but would be cool to try something else so any examples or ideas welcome!


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