Rim about to crack?


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Cleaning the bike and noticed what seemed to be a chip, but is it something worse, its got two of these maybe 10cm apart. Back is fine.

Am yet to take tyre off but fearing the worst...

Can see a wanted thread going up soon... anyone in Worthing area selling a decent late 80s/ early 90s front wheel or wheelset? 😂
the second one could just be the join when the rim was welded together and the first could be a deep scratch but the rim itself does look pretty worn in both pics.

i have worn through two rims and it does make you jump when the innertube pops out and goes bang !
Well, I've checked inside and no sign of it coming through. But am going to start the search for new wheelset I think. Keep these as spares as was the eventual plan anyways. Was very muddy, so maybe caught it on something?
When I was a courier, wasn't unusual to see people riding on rims which had started to indent which is never a good sign, this is nothing like that.
Probably a good idea to put a straight edge on the rim surface and look for light poking through.


Doesn't look healthy for me. Join would be bang in the middle of adjacent spokes and directly opposite the valve hole if the rim was any good to begin with.
Looks like deep scratches to me, how long have you had the bike/wheel? Is it possible they were always there, they look to me like either someone slipped with cheap metal tyre levers or perhaps caught with a spoke during previous repair?

Either way, the rim does look fairly well worn so would agree with Woz on checking for excessive wear & also with your idea to retire this wheel to spare/parts.

Edit- yes the razor blade trick is to check for indent/spreading (I check with tyre on, first with it flat & if it's OK then again with it inflated to 45-50psi see if it moves under pressure at all)

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