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If you all put your names on this list, I'd be happy to see this through - each will need to be posted too (I'd obviously do it all at cost!).

But, I'm a total luddite, so would need someone to knock the image up for us!

5 of us makes them £10 each plus postage
25 makes it £6.80 each plus postage

1. My_Teenage_Self
2. KermitGKona88
3. mk one
4. Carge
5. Berthapog
6. Berthapog
7. Peachy!
8. Peachy!
9. Nevilleblaze
10. grey-beard
11. toomanyframes
12. chopper1192
13. retroJIM
14. Dyna-ti
15. Dyna-ti
16. Nicktait1
17. Longun
18. Longun
19. toomanyframes
20. Stressed
21. Stressed
22. Imlach
23. Imlach
24. Trailstar82
25. Tootyred
26. russ77
27. Prezza
28. The History Man
Over half way now- surely we can get to 50:D
Artwork supply

I'm more than happy to supply the artwork in the required format to the printers, however I would ask that as a means of "licencing" the design a donation of 50p per garment/item is donated to the Ukrainian charity appeal.

I'm not concerned if you are making money from this venture but would like to think that people are happy to do this when making the purchase

Awesome, thanks Gil.

As I said before, I'll not make a penny off this.

So, price;

'Repreve' 100% Recycled Multiwraps (including VAT , Handling & licencing), Envelope & postage (UK large letter) & Ukrainian Charity Appeal donation gives a total of £8.70ea.
I'm off to Spain tomorrow for 2 weeks, I can send you the money now or when I get back? Any idea of timescale?
I'll also happily send the money over now if it's easier, probably also more peace of mind for you, not bothered about the time frame so just take your time (then you can just let me know about additional shipping costs for me as I'm non UK when you eventually receive it all)