Retrobike @ Mountain Mayhem 2012 - The Schedule

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RetroBike Special Event:
Retrobike @ Mountain Mayhem 2012 - 22nd-24th June 2012


Traditionally Mountain Mayhem is Retrobike's biggest and best event of the year. This year will be no different!

The weekend's schedule is now finalised. So whether you're racing solo or just coming along to hang out and heckle there will be something for you.

Thurs 21st June
- Strike Camp

Early arrivals should reach Eastnor Thursday. Will be looking to arrive Thursday early afternoon and stake out a trackside area for Retrobike. Please post up here if you plan to arrive Thursday.


Friday 22nd June
- Concours, BBQ, Pre-Ride & Flea Market

Most chose to arrive Friday afternoon in order to sample to pre-race ambience. Look for the retrobike banner flag when you arrive and head for it (allowing for other tents, fences, rivers etc.)


16:15 - Course pre-ride

Like two middle aged Pied Pipers of Hamelin, EdEdwards and the Wizard of Oz will be leading a pre-ride of the fabled Mayhem course.

18:00 - Fire up the BBQ and meet the teams

We'll get food on the go early doors again this year. The retrobike gas bbq will be in attendance, however please bring food and beer / wine / spirit to fufill your needs. Would imagine the BBQ will be on all evening.

This will also be a chance to eye up your fellow competitors with each team captain introducing their teams.

19:00 - Flea Market

Get those quality items out on display. To take place at the trackside HQ.
There will be a stand of retrobike swag too, good chance to pick up some Endura kit or take advantage of some special MM offers.

20:00 - Concours

The concours event will start at 20:00 sharp. Please have your bike/bikes ready and polished trackside.

Later - International Dual Jenga Knockout

Just like all the top pros we'll while away what remains of the evening with the traditional jenga contest - teams of two duke it out for big prizes, compered by Mr Kawasaki.



Saturday 23rd June
- Race day


AM - Captain's breakfast

An RB tradition where team captains treat their team mates to a motivational breakfast. This has included tactical master-plans, stupid catch-phrases, guest speakers, rousing speeches and dead-leg competitions with rival teams.
Captains may or may not actually pay for said breakfast depending on whether or not they like their team-mates.

AM - The Blagathon

See how much free stuff you can get from the trade stands. With the withdrawal of former sponsors Original Source, Wu-Tangled's shower gel record should remain unbeaten.

12:00 - Racing

Racing starts at 12:00 sharp. Will you be man / woman enough to take on the first lap? If not be at the Retrobike HQ to 'give encouragement' to your fellow racers.

It's a Le Mans style running start so pick your best or worst runner for the mile or so start loop. Then mount up and head out on the first lap.

The inevitable repeat of 'Eye of the Tiger' will go some way to satisfying the Guvnor's pitiful music tastes.

12:00 -> late

We'll have dodgy retro music, bbq and beers on the go until someone makes us stop. Normally quite early with us all being polite middle aged men.

Headlining this year is our very own throwback - DJ Isosceles with his notorious happywaveyraveydaveyd'n'b set, supported by DJ Bernhardt on the rusting wheels of steel. Gump is due to light up the sky, fresh from his great work on top of Buck House recently and we have a flyover scheduled by the Red Arrows too...

If you're racing through the night, good luck ;)



Sunday 24th June
- Finish

12:00 - The final countdown

The race finishes at 12:00, make sure you're still about to cheer home the last riders.
Ignore any megaphone announcements about clearing the camp-site by 12:15pm.


For a taste of what to expect have a look at previous aftermath threads:
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By my reckoning we have at least 65 riders representing Retrobike this year. There were about 50 last year so we'll be occupying an even bigger section of campsite in June.

The teams are as follows:

'Retrobike - South West Ten' - 10 man
'Retrobike - West Midlands Ten'- 10 man
'Retrobike - East Midlands Ten' - 10 man
'Retrobike - Anglian & Lincs Flatlanders Ten' - 10 man
'Retrobike NWA - Unleash the Inner Chimp' - 4 man
'Retrobike NWA - Beyond The Granny (ring)' - 4 man
'Retrobike - Anglian & Lincs Flatlanders Four' - 4 man
'Retrobike - South East Four' - (Team 1) - 4 man
'Retrobike - South East Four' - (Team 2) - 4 man
'Retrobike NWA - Mixed assortment' - 5 person

Please post up if you are entered in any other teams and are riding retro.

A couple of teams have some last minute vacancies. Please post up here if you need another team member or if you are looking for a place on one of the teams.

Roll on the mayhem...!

nobby the sheep

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As you all know I sadly can't make it this year ,the good news is we've got a couple of lambs to fatten up in time for mm13 BBQ .good luck lads and lasses and have fun


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Looks like the party starts Thursday. I will be there on Thursday afternoon again this year to get things going. No Nobby the Sheep and Sidewinder this year - the usual suspects when it come to claiming a good camping spot.


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I am hoping to be there on the Wednesday if we are allowed on site, is there a preference for the camping spot? Last year was a good trackside spot but so was the previous year down by the ponds.

What's the general opinion on this as it looks like I may be the first on site
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