Restoration of a Rock Shox Mag 21 Sl Ti including color

I paid $150 for paint removal and mirror polishing and another $150 for the paint job. Add another $120 for the fork which came with a false stock mag 21 crown, $125 for the AC crown (which I wanted anyway), $50 for the LT kit. $50 for internal service parts. About $25 for sanding paper and color for the brake arch. $10 for titanium screws (for the fork crown) And last $35 for the repro stickers. Adding shipping charges will end up somewhere of $800 total. Not counting my time for disassembly, service, rebuild, hunt for parts, lots of phone calls and driving to companies to find a solution.

Labor is expensive in Switzerland.

But to me it was worth it to get a refurbished SL Ti for a rebuild of a bike like I raced in 94.
I have found a very nice company that has leached off the paint and then polished the legs back to a mirror gloss.
Today I was able to pick up the legs and I must say these now look sher good again.

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Hi there, I have found this thread on mag21SL finishes interesting. So the Mags 21 SL was original polished legs with a clear coat. Is that what gave them that gold look or was it a colored clear coat as you state in your restoration "tainted...what is it that you refer to as "tainted".........also how much did you machine off the spacers to get the 60mm of travel....Rob
The lowers are made of magnesium. As you can see in previous pictures, the polished legs are chrome looking. So the coating needs to be tinted. Think about it as a clear coat that is honey tinted. So the chrome looks like gold. The company that painted my legs calls this clear gold. This is the way like Rock Shox did it in 94. Today here is another option, without polishing the legs by using candy gold. I did not find a company that was willing to do it with candy gold in Switzerland. So I went the original route.
I did not shorten the spacers. I used a original long travel kit. This kit also includes different negative springs. But it also works pretty well with the stock ones. If you google it you will find the specs. Don't have them in my mind just now.