For Sale REDUCTION - Post nr 3: Project nr.1 —> Cinelli Next Machine all NOS.


Old School Hero
Hi everyone, due to family health problems, I am selling some incomplete MTBs, because I no longer have time to finish the projects.

The three MTBs are:

1) Cinelli Next Machine all NOS from 1991.
2) Specialized M2 (version with 1 inch steering) from 1993.
3) Klein Attitude Horizon from 1992 (for Klein I also evaluate an exchange with a Yeti Ultimate) .

Project nr.1
Cinelli The Next Machine 1991 Nos is assembled with the following components:

- Frame: Cinelli The Next Machine Nos (size 19 inch).
- Fork: Cinelli The Next Machine Nos.
- Saddle: Cinelli Maestro in Nos leather.
- Seatpost: Sakae Tuo Nos.
- Headset: Fischer Super Light Nos.
- Stem: ITM Tomahawk Nos.
- Handlebar: Cinelli Fortex Nos.
- Grips: Fisher Nos.
- Shifters: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Brake levers: Dia-Compe SS5 Nos.
- Brakes: Dia-Compe 986 Low Profile Nos.
- Derailleur: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Gearbox: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Cassette: Campagnolo Centaur 8V Nos.
- Crankset: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Hubs: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Rims: Campagnolo Thorr Nos.
- Wheel closures: Campagnolo Centaur Nos.
- Tires: Michelin Taiga klevlar 26x1.95 nos.

Payment by bank transfer, Shipping by express courier (UPS, GLS, DHL, Fed Ex etc.),

The request for the NOS Cinelli Next Machine was € 1,300 NOW I have decided to REDUCE the request to € 1,100 (shipping costs excluded).

Available for all your requests for more information of any kind. I hope there are some people who can like these MTBs.



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Old School Hero
The request for the NOS Cinelli Next Machine was € 1,300 NOW I have decided to REDUCE the request to € 1,100 (shipping costs excluded).