Sold Reduced! Sigma Rox 12.0 GPS Cycle Computer


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In Team Sunweb colours (new cases can be purchased). with a few cosmetic bumps and scrapes but the screen is mint and picture perfect (my phone sometimes makes pics of other lit screens, such as a TV, look weird)!

Very good alternative to Garmin/Wahoo and it has particularly awesome visual/mapping detail, instantly, as on your smartphone, zooming in/out of areas and, very best of all (check the reviews below), the 'draw my route' feature, allowing the brain to make a route dependant on the ride type you want to do.

99% of the features and capabilities are wasted on me so it'd be cool to be with someone who'd use it way more and make use of the features more....In terms of battery life I got a low battery warning after about 7 hours (multiple rides) with the live map on constantly throughout that period and no attempt to lower screen brightness etc (not riding enough to ever get close to using the full battery in a single ride)....there's not much more I can say than that bar the reviews speak a lot about energy saving/backlight tips to get battery life closer to the 16 hours Sigma say it's capable of.

Uses the same mounts as Garmin so if you've got one of those, you're sorted!

Head unit and charging cable included

109 posted>>>£99.95 (any additional fees payable by buyer)
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