Re ignited love and a Canadian adventure


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Great post! I tell ya - I wouldn't have let that Calfee tandem get more than an arms length away at any time.

As long - looong - time resident of Edmonton, I can confirm that getting out and moving to Vancouver is a very good call.

I'm not surprised at all that they thought you were crazy for being interested in old bikes at that shop. All they care about is selling new ones. There are a couple shops with some guys that have been around, and they have an affection for the old stuff, but definitely not the one you worked at.


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Great story! Thanks for sharing! I think i have to move to Canada and indulge myself in these old bikes there no one wants! :facepalm:


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Great story and great pics. Loved it all the way, I guess we all can relate to the joy's you describe when finding another golden oldie. Have a great time, and never stop riding again!

And if the Canadians don't appreciate your retro bikes just ship them to Europe, we love it.


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Hey guys,

Cheers for the replies,

I really didnt know what way putting a big story like this would go down on the site.

Ill try to post a few more pics of the bikes over the next few weeks, The Rocky and the Kikapu might be up for sale to fund my Visa application to stick around.

Either way, Im glad some of you got some enjoyment out of the pics and story. Its been a very interesting ride.


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Great read. I see you did stint at Different Bikes (I worked in their Burnaby store for a while). Love the Rocky! If you ever get a surplus of vintage suspension forks feel free to drop me a line as I have a bit of a collection ha ha. I run a bike shop in Vancouver :)