Raleigh USA Peak 92


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I'm more a lurker than regular poster on here but thought I'd post up pics of my recent build.

Like a lot of bikes I guess, it appears to have been on here in the past in a different form. I bought it as a bare frame a couple of years ago. It's a Raleigh Canada bike, so has somehow made it across to the UK in the past.

I picked bits up over a couple of winters. It's probably slightly too small for me but I can ride it fine with the seat right up and a 130mm stem in true 90's style. This is the first bike I've had that I've got the Maguras set up to work and bleeding them has shown me what they should be like.

It's not really that lightweight with a cromo rear triangle and not particularly exotic parts but it rides well. I think it would have XT originally but I've gone with DX as I had a lot of it lying about.

I'm probably going to use it locally rather than any serious offroading so have purple flat caged pedals on the way to replace the SPDs.

Edit, I managed to find some pics from during the build so have added to the thread.

How the frame came to me:
Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

These came with Tange Big Forks, managed to find a nice set that fitted, albeit the wrong colour.
Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

These were painted black to match:
Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

Found these bright bars for sale whilst looking for yellow hyperlites. Sadly quite heavy but a great colour:
Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

Needed a 27.0mm seat post. I wanted an XT one but decent ones go for strong money. I bought a faded one and masked off the logo and repainted it. It's fine as long as I don't move the seat as it's not that tough a finish. Forgot to take a before picture.
Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

Started assembly. This was done over the course of a couple of weeks as work got in the way.
Untitled by Mac74, on Flickr

And all together:

P1050146 by Mac74, on Flickr

P1050147 by Mac74, on Flickr

P1050148 by Mac74, on Flickr

P1050153 by Mac74, on Flickr

Frame: 1992 Raleigh USA Peak Alu main tubes bonded into steel lugs, steel back triangle

Fork: Tange Big Fork

Headset: Unbranded 1 1/8
Stem: Tioga T Bone (repainted no logos)
Handlebar: Unbranded steel with splatter finish
Grips: Ritchey WCS
Barends: None

Brakes: Magura HS33
Brake Pads: Magura
Brake Cables: N/A
Cantilever cable hangers: N/A
Brake Levers: Magura HS33

Shifters: DeoreII
Front Derailleur: M650
Rear Derailleur: M650 Short cage
Derailleur Cables: Clarkes
Cassette: Shimano 12-28
Chain: Shimano
Cranks: Deore M650 175mm
Crank Bolts: Think they are x-lite purple
Chainrings: Deore M650
Chainring bolts: Shimano
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN55
Pedals: SPDM525

Hub Skewers: DX/XT
Rims: Sun Chinook
Hubs: M650
Nipples: Unknown
Spokes: Unknown
Tyres: Panaracer Smoke/Dart Reissues
Tubes: Generic

Saddle: Selle Flite Alpes
Seatpost: Shimano Deore XT
Seatpost Binder: Kalloy



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The Techniums are very nice bikes. Interesting construction and materials composition, more elegant than some other bonded frames. I have a Peak too.

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I just sold my 92 technique peak
Yes a very cool bike with the cold forged lugs bonded to Easton E9 tubes
They make a great hybrid ride
eBay has a frame fork exactly like mine


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Purple pedals arrived and fitted. I like them although I always use SPDs now so not sure if I'll keep them on.

Thinking about purple chainring bolts now.

I managed to find some build pictures, so have added to the original post.

Couple of pics in the fading light tonight. Need to get out and ride it now.

P1050154 by Mac74, on Flickr

P1050155 by Mac74, on Flickr


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I think it’s stunning!

Reminds me of the ones I saw when I first went to America as a kid...I’d love to get my hands on one now.

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That looks great now its together :cool:

Really like the yellow bars, and though i would have said canti's instead of magura they kind of work. They always seem to suit a Raleigh build. Personally i liked the black spd's better and think it would look better as is instead of adding other purple parts, think they will distract from the frame.