Karma Raleigh Record Sprint frame and fork 23"


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Going begging, I got it for free, tried it as an ebike experiment, but it's not for me, I need bigger tyres.
So here it is, free to a good home, or a bad home for that matter.
Collection preferred, on the north east coast, near Whitley Bay, but I do have a box if necessary but obviously there would be a cost involved then.
The forks aren't original, but they came with it, the steerer is too long but I just put a spacer in the headset.
BB to top 23", top tube C to C 22", Head tube 6 3/4"


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It's Reynolds tubed, It's a Raleigh, It's got a space shuttle sticker on it, It's sooo 80's and it's Free!
I'd have it, If I didn't already.
In fact if I had a set of spare wheels I could build it up and have a complete bike that I couldn't give away either!


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Ah yes, Suffolk roads. Such a happy gent.

This may just be a rouse to get the frame.

I will be very careful then. The plan to follow the TDF routes with just some gold Weinmann for company will have to wait.