Raleigh Randonneur 708


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Fab bikes. here’s a link to mine:


Following a recent lull in retro riding I took mine for a 70 miler the other day - forgot how good they are.

I’d say Nitto for stem and bars: I swapped the dirt drops for some, er Randonneurs. The stock LX brakes are heavy and meh: Dia. compe CR 720s are reasonable and very effective. Paul’s are prettier. Make sure you get good levers. It took a couple of attempts to find decent aero ones, but in the end I found Gran Compes to be the best.


Front dynohub is a great idea and on my list. For rims, quite wide 26mm with 33mm tyres work well. Spa cycles are good for rims.



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Thank you! Will definitely check out Spa Cycles for wheels/rims…and your recommendations for brakes. Lovely to hear from yet another Raleigh Randonneur enthusiast!


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Typo on the brakes: should have said Tektro CR720 not Dia Compe (get em while you can - they look to be becoming scarce like so many good cycling components these days…)