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Burr Grinder & Blade Grinder: Differences and Which to Choose

Any coffee lover out there can’t wait to make the most of their cup of coffee. We can help you bring your coffee game to a new level.

Coffee grinders are the star of the coffee-making process, equally as important as the coffee beans.
a good coffee grinder will guarantee you ground coffee with no clumps.

Let’s find out which grinder suits you best!

Burr Grinder & Blade Grinder

There are two types of coffee grinders: burr grinder and blade grinder. Let’s go through what they are and help to choose the best coffee grinder for you.

What are the differences?

Blade grinders are the most common ones. Similar to a blender, blade grinders have blades that rotate and grind coffee beans into grounds.

A burr coffee grinder, however, grinds coffee beans into coffee grounds using either conical or flat burrs.


Which grinder should you choose?

Blade grinders are cheaper, and you can find them in almost everywhere. The con is the blades do not actually ‘grind’ the coffee beans. It is more like chopping the coffee beans. Because of that, the grounds from blade grinder usually come out as chunky, messy, and inconsistent. In this situation, the aroma of your coffee gets compromised.

Let’s move on to burr grinders. First, there are two types: conical burr grinder and flat burr grinder. Burr grinders create nice and uniform grounds, which enhance the flavor of your coffee to its fullest.

Well, we think we have a winner: the burr grinder! But the battle doesn’t end here. We still have to choose between the two types of burr grinders. This choice, however, depends on your viewpoint.

Next, we will explain both choices to pick the best coffee grinder for home
for you.

Conical vs. Flat Burr Grinder

No matter which type of burr grinder you choose, the taste and the quality of the coffee will be the same. However, there are some differences.

  • Flat burr grinders consume more power than conical burr grinders because they work faster, generating extra heat. This is why when you grind a large amount in one go, the coffee beans are more likely to get burnt.
  • Both grinders have wastage, but the question is, which grinder generates less waste? The design of conical grinders creates less waste and makes it easy to clean. If there is waste stuck inside the grinder, it might decay and affect the flavor and quality of other batches.
  • Most flat burr grinders cost more than conical ones as they can grind a larger volume in a short time. Sometimes their cost even doubles for conical grinders.

Which One to Choose?

Blade grinders are the cheapest. However, I would recommend spending a bit more money on burr grinders. They make your coffee taste better and are more convenient to use.

Between flat and conical burr grinders, you should consider your choice based on your budget and the pros and cons that we have mentioned here.

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It’s a Wrap!

And those are all the things you need to know when choosing an effective coffee grinder to make you the best cup of coffee.

I hope this article can make it easier for you to make your decision about buying a coffee grinder. I would love to hear your stories and opinions in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading!


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Heli tape on arms, rubber boot to protect ends, if you can get any to fit. Most I've seen are for the wider style arms.

Shrink wrap?


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MacRetro Rider

Helitape/frame protection tape, get a sheet of it and cut/shape to size and fit to clean crank arms.


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MacRetro Rider
3M helicopter tape is pretty darned expensive, but buyer beware as there are other paint protection films that arent as robust, though might be marketed as 'heli tape' but not branded 3M.
Plus actual heli tape only comes in specific widths and to get wider you need to buy longer and the price really goes up.

I bought this stuff for furniture protection, and it seems quite robust. Up to 8" wide.


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Slik graphics do various protectors, nice quality and printed with the correct branding for the crank. No idea if they do middleburn options, but the quality is good and pretty thick/robust.

Reminds me that I should actually fit the set I bought for my xtr cranks before I ride them. On the list of jobs I keep forgetting.


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Trebz":7c7yr6ff said:
Inner tube and zip ties, that's what we used in the 80's. On everything hehe.

+1 to that, it isn't pretty but I don't think you could get anything that'll hold up as well.


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Bike Shield like mine:

I have add some yellow transparent paper.


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