Project Cindy...


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Here we go again, New project time :D

Picked this up earlier ...



Its a Cinder Cone in grey. Paint and decals are totally shot but frame appears to be dent free. First job will be stripping the frame back to bare metal and thorough de rust and then repaint. I was pretty certain it was going to paint it Moonshine blue metallic pearl or Black. But after seeing the bikes original paint, i might repaint it in the original. ill get some detailed pics up later

Anybody identify the year ?


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BCTrailcruiser":puwdecde said:

Which is what I originally believed .. but google search throws very little light on this ... only one other found in graphite grey .. owner saying it was a 94 :?: 95 catalogue does not mention graphite grey colour option giving turquoise metallic only :?


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With the Nardo grey Cinder Cone on the way to completion I'd been idly on the look out for a new project to replace it with. Initially, I'd been looking for something a bit less mainstream ...a bit special, a Brodie or a Breezer maybe but they don't come up too often and when they do they are usually beyond the constraints of my budget. The project needed to be "hands on" as I'm finding with a re occurring health issue the restoration process is more enjoyable than the riding these days.
So after after a few weeks keeping an eye on eBay, I reached the conclusion I wasn't going to get a Brodie or a Dave Yates for Marin money (err obviously :roll: :LOL: ) so on with Plan B .. and that is another Kona.
I like Konas .. who doesn't ? :D Frames are well built, light weight, great to ride and readily available ..though prices are all over the place...So I found this Cinder Cone frame right here on RB. It's (very) rough but ideal project fodder. You don't see many in this grey finish and I'm undecided if I'll paint it in its original (or as close as possible) graphite grey or something different .. two colours in mind are black metallic or Audi, moonshine blue pearl. As ever, I'll be doing the prep and painting myself .. Achieving a decent finish with Metallics will be a steep learning curve for me .. I've painted small car components in metallic but never something as involved as a bike frame.... it could be interesting :shock: ... or not :LOL: . Watch this space.