PINARELLO Super Record Cromovelato Mid 70s build-up


Retro Guru
Wow Dirt Disciple, that is some true beauty, I'm jealous!! On another note, what do you use to polish metal bits like headset, seat post, cranks etc. Heard so many options, but when I see job well done I wander if the guy that did it would part with an advice for a novice like me trying to do similar job on much much less attractive 40 or so old year Raleigh? Or what do you use to polish the frame without damaging original paint?

Still drooling over these pics of yours...


Retro Guru
This beauty has only been on display over the last months. Yesterday night I finally dug it out to service all brakes and mechs again and now its completed and ready for the sunshine!

Some cable end-nipples and were ready to go, finally.

New: New chain (Connex 6 speed, 106 chain links, 53t front & 19t rear, 410mm chain length)

<3 To be continued!