Pinarello Project


Dirt Disciple
Hi, I thought I would share my new project. Not too sure how to build it yet. Most likely with a 11 speed 105 or Rival because I have it laying around spare. If I get on with it then I might think about moving towards a full retro build. Frame is fairly tatty and I haven't received it yet so will see what its like once it turns up!

Ebay pic:

It is a bit done in. Chrome has gone on the fork. I could either rechrome or use a Colombus minimal fork I have.

All dependant on the bottom bracket really and how and if it plays nice.
Had a look at the paint earlier which is extremely thin. I can’t find many images of the bike in this colour. I’m not sure whether to refinish it and try to match it or go for another colour entirely.
Lower end Frame. Most likely an "Asolo" or "Veneto". End 1980s. Fork is even low low end fork or non original (No Pinarello panto). Stuck BB and the bad overall condition ...I dont know man. This will be not too much fun. For me, this would be a gonner ...