Pinarello Montello C-Record 1988


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Here another one that goes into my personal collection. Just a pic to start the thread and show how well preserved I got this bike. It's an early Montello with full c-record 2nd gen, and 4th gen Delta brakes. I date it around 1988, year of Perico Delgado Tour's victory. I will post some more pics as I progress with cleaning and restoring. Original paint and original decals in pretty good condition so I'll leave them .

Right now with Mavic Mach 2 CD 2 rims, I'll probably replace for a set of GP4's (if I'm able to source some cheap front hub dust caps for these) just beacuse of aesthetics. Any opinion here is welcomed, as well as about the color of the new bar tape , white or black selle italia leather one ?
Hope you like it.


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I've decided to go with a white bar tape. I was tempted to go with a black one but the Reynolds team used white ... Still not sure to replace the mach 2 with gp4's....


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I need your help as I'm since weeks in a big dilemma :facepalm: :facepalm: : Mavic GP4 or MACH2 CD2 ?????

My decision rules that so far have not helped me, so please correct me in anything !

- Both are in very good condition but maybe the Mach2 have some small signs from the breaking pads. But very small. Point for the GP4's
- Both should be period correct, although the Mach2 I is post-GP4, more from the 90's than not late 80's like GP4, a point for the GP4 (I'd like to get close to a Perico Delgado 88 Tour's bike)
- Mach2 was more pro than the GP4, so I'd go for the MACH2
- But I like the "aero" shape of the Mach2

Both pairs are on c-record hubs, similar condition.

Also have 2 freewheels; Regina Extra and regina America 1992, I can exchange them but I'd put the America in the MACH2

Of course if I had 4 tubulars I could easilly swap the wheels but buying extra tubulars just for this decision exercise is something I want to avoid :oops:

Some pics to make the choice more fun. Help please ;) Which pair do you like most ??


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Here is a simple solution to your dilemma don't glue the tubs on just yet put them on each set of wheels fit them in the bike and see what looks the best. For me GP4's your bike your call.