Pinarello ID help needed....

Helmut Head

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Hi all,
I'm trying to ID a mid 80's (I think!) Pinarello.

There isn't a massive amount of info on the net - and I'm sure there are very knowledgeable people on here.

The frame was originally blue and the only transfers are tatty columbus ones on the forks. 3 main tubes are Nickel plated. There are no rivet holes on the head tube. The lugs are Campag.
Frame number is S86 - could that be the year?
I can't help thinking the bike was originally sold as a complete bike as it has a panto'd 3ttt criterium stem - but the mix of kit on the bike is all over the place.
Galli Criterium chainset, JP Routens seat pin, Universal Mod.125 brakes, Wheelset is Mavic 501 hubs with GP4 and Wolber rims, Avanti rear mech, Campag Record front mech. Stronglight Headset.
I know it's not a Montello as there is a chainstay bridge - you can't win em all!
Any help appreciated.


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Helmut Head

Dirt Disciple

If I can work out approx. year of manufacture it would narrow things down - the majority of Trevisos had painted rear triangle.

Is it possible to narrow it down by the style of pantographs - I know they changed the font / style quite a few times - any info out there?



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Hi There

I think you've got an early 80's frame with possibly a later fork.
The reason I say this is because the frame only has a set of bottle bosses on the down tube, with none on the seat tube, which would date it as early 80's. It's not very early 80's, because there is a braze on for the front mech, as opposed to band on, which came in around 1982/83.
It also has sloping crown forks (as opposed to the earlier flat crown forks), again came in around 82/83
There are Pinarello catalogs from the 80's on the internet which might help you identify you frame.

Good luck