Pinarello Banesto Team Bikes by Pegoretti ?


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Here it is - very original apart from seatpost. I am presently in contact with a possible connection to the team at the time to see if we can determine which rider it belonged to. Based on geometry I am guessing Giovanni Lombardi who rode the TdF that year.

It is a Paris model, with distinctive shaped tubes, but pretty extreme geometry - very long and low. It has a rider number on BB in addition to frame serial no.

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Beautiful bike - great stuff.
The custom geometry is very long - mine is 58.5 TT with a 56cm C-C seattube so a little stretched out.
I was looking at a PDM-Concorde and the claim was for a rider who was 5'6" but with a 58x58 frame with a repaint I thought it unlikely.


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I researched a lot on the Banesto bikes in relation to Pinarello. I don't claim it's a definitive timeline, but it may help those with an interest in Banesto and not just Pegoretti:

1999 Banesto team riding alloy (Al) Pinarello bikes in blue Banesto paint scheme
1995-1998? Articles saying that Banesto Team were using Dedacciai oversized steel frames, including a blue "Vuelta" model in 1997/8. Dedacciai tig welded Dyna Lite referenced in regards Indurain's frame. Stelvio was a production cycle from 1993-8: I have found no evidence that it was actually used by the Banesto team, so I think this is one of the commemorative models when found in Banesto colours. Some discussion on Vuelta and Stelvio being very similar models.
1994 onwards: many "Banesto commemorative" models in white and Banesto colours based off standard range models
1994 Pinarello Oria Cromovan ridden by Banesto Team (no lugs to head tube). Suggested that Oria stickers were sponsorship only.
1993/1994 Pinarello official replicas: "Team" replica in Oria ML34 (some with Banesto decals, some with Pinarello decals only), "Replica" in Oria ML25 available as frame only or complete bike (Team had Record groupset, Replica had Veloce/Avanti/Mirage groupset)
1992/1993 Banesto team ride lugged Oria ML34 bikes; officially Pinarello but Indurain rides a Peggoretti-built bespoke frame badged Pinarello and other riders probably had their favoured builders too.
1992 Pinarello's top of the range steel framed production bike was the Montello
1990/1991 TVT (carbon tube, AL lugs) /Razesa Reynolds 653 frames (Spanish builder) supplied Banesto -sponsored bikes
Pre 1990: It was the "Reynolds" sponsored team
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