Panaracer reissues - different colours ?


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I’ve got quite a few pairs of Reissue Smoke/darts. All purchased over the year.

Recently I’ve noticed that they are changing the colour to a more skin coloured tone rather than amber.

I bought 3 sets recently (but separate purchases over a few weeks) and 1 pair is a much lighter skin colour than the rest and weren’t supplied as a pair.

Having now checked my bikes with them fitted and tripped my OCD I’ve had to make sure each bike has matching shades. IMG_6782.jpeg

Is it a variation in production or are they actually supposed to be different.
arrrgh!, gonna have to check mine now too!! :LOL:

Out of around 10 bikes I’ve got 3 sets which are the lighter shade.

All purchased recently (within the last 2 years)

Swapped a few around and now I’m all correct. Can’t believe I’d not noticed until just building my Hei Hei today.