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All prices exclude P&P and any items listed as KARMA incur postage and packing costs. Will ship across UK, Ireland, and EU and happy to ship worldwide.

No dibs, first come first served via PM only, not replies to this thread. I’m at a conference most of the day so I’ll be able to pick-up correspondence later this evening. Cheers!

Tyres and tubes
  • Continental inner tube, tour 26 (650c) slim. Unused. £2.
  • Panaracer Fire XC Pro, 26 * 2.1. Unused. I found these to be more 1.9 than 2.1. £5.
  • Ritchey Z-Max, 26 * 2.1. Pair. Used. Lots of tread left but they are beginning to crack. Fine for pootling and great for garage queens. £10 for the pair.
  • Pararacer Smoke Comp and Dart II, 26 * 2.1. Used. Lots of tread left, especially the front. Rubber has lost its stickiness. Fine for pootling and great for garage queens. £10 for the pair.

Shimano XT M737 hubs on Mavic 221 rims laced with DT spokes. I used these for a couple of years on my stock Explosif with zero issues. Straight, true, and smooth. Fitted with early 2010s Panaracer Smoke and Dart reissues (with the big white Panaracer logos). £40 for the pair with tubes and tyres.


Cube red and black saddle. Unused, needs a light clean. £5.


Unknown brand, ideal for a DH bike at 160mm length. 31.6mm width. KARMA.

  • Race RC31s with brake bosses. Used for many years on my last hardtail commuter until I switched to a road bike. Never let me down and must have covered over 1k miles. Super light, pretty stiff! 1 1/18 steerer, 230mm in length. £40.
  • Marzocchi Z1 Bombers (BAM), 1997 stamped. Heavily used and needs a complete service, and likely new stanchions. In well used but decent condition. 1 1/8 steerer, 190mm in length. £20.
Rear mechs
  • Shimano XTR M952. Good cosmetic condition. After market jockey wheels. £20.
  • Shimano XTR M952 top half only. Good cosmetic condition. £2.
  • Shimano Dura RD-3300. Came off the Intense M1 (!). KARMA.
Front mechs
  • Shimano XTR M952. Great condition with a clean. 28.6mm clamp. £25.
  • Shimano LX M567. Great condition with a clean. 28.6mm clamp. £15.
Stems (all 1 1/:cool:
  • Kona Tahoma Somme. Medium rise. 160mm length. £10.
  • Kona DH stem. Minor rise. 150mm length. £10.
  • World Force DH steam. High rise. 140mm length. £10.
  • Controltech XC stem. Low rise. In lovely condition. 180mm length. £15.
  • Unknown DH stem. Zero rise. KARMA.
  • Azonic black risers with brace, A0104. 2 ½ “ rise, 640mm length (cut). £10.
  • Azonic silver risers with no brace, A0406. 2 ½” rise, 720mm (cut). £10.
  • On One Fleagle, 715mm (uncut). Used for many years on my A’ha with no issues. £10.
  • Avid Ti V-brakes, 1 pair and 1 pull-arm side. Used, decent condition. £5 the set.
  • Unknown and unbranded 5 bolt rotor. 165mm. KARMA.
  • DMR V12 white, pair. Used for many years on my A’ha with no issues. £5.
  • Unbranded flat plastic pedals. Came off my wife’s Coco. KARMA.
Cassettes and chain-rings
  • Shimano un-named 8 speed cassette, 11-30T. It came off the Intense M1. KARMA.
  • Specialites Zephyr chain rings, 46T and 36T, 8-9 speed compatible. £5 each, £8 for the pair.
  • Shimano J-22 R1 and SG J-32 chain rings. £2 each, £3 for the pair.

Shimano Alivio rear shifter, 8 speed. It came off the Intense M1 (!). KARMA


Lizard Skin lock-on grips, unsure of age. Missing a small part of the side grip, still very useable. KARMA


Controltech titanium screw-on skewers. Very lightweight, in nice condition. I used them for some time on the Team Explosif. Need regular attention to stay tight and I’ve lost the handy tool to do so. Therefore KARMA.


Unknown and unbranded. 1 1/8th complete with bearings and spacers. It came off the Intense M1. No ideal how smooth it is, therefore, KARMA.


Topeak Defender RC11. Used for a year pre-lockdown before the end of daily commuting! Needs a clean but fully operational. Comes with a cheeky Dr Dew Kona sticker. KARMA.
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