Paint your wagon! Or rather a shiny frame the rattle can way


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Ah what the hell... since it's been bumped, here's a picture of my last brush job- last in both senses of the word.. i.e. a) temporally most recent and b) I'll probably never have the time, inclination or peace of mind necessary to do it again... just to illustrate that this can be a nozzle/overspray-free experience.. if you want.
A few years back, my local model shop had one solitary tin of old school Humbrol enamel left on it's shelves. I dunno what colour it's called.. Cream? Ivory? Whatever.. I thought.. "f*ck it.. I can live with that." like you do, when it's the last tin... but then if it had been Magenta or something, I might've passed. Anyways... you get the picture:20220416_201837.jpg