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I acquired a set of these on bike a while back, and they had been locked out by previous owner. To my delight, PACE HQ still have parts for them and do full factory service, so off they went, came back good as new with fresh elastomers and seals.

In chatting with the mechanics over the phone when done, they said they hadn’t seen any in ages and seemed quite impressed with them. They were a small batch of the ‘Iridescent pink leg logo’ versions. One of them seemed to remember making these in small number at the end of 1992 and partly into early 1993.

love a bit of original knowledge on what would have been pace first carbon suspension fork.

There’s also a set for sale on eBay at the momen, along with a set that the original owner says he had built to order gold stanchion legs as a one off set.

I also note this variant is missing from the Pace model time line. So if you have any info generally about the RC35, feel free to share it here.



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Mine are on a thread somewhere on here, plenty of other threads with Pace history/info too. Tim @justbackdated is the man to fill any gaps.

Here is a thread showing my lower legs with the bonded canti studs and original decals pg1, and some interesting history from jbd on pg2...



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If I'd seen this before I went to my storage I would have taken a photo of my Scapin-crowned RC35. There are other photos around online though.