Overly tight stem clamp... Wrong size, or something else?


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The screwdriver is the same principle as the screw and coins (or thick metal strip), it pull/pushes apart the clamping part to make it a bit wider at first.
Often used for things like fork crowns, seat post in clamps to tight of tight tollerence (or over clamped) parts.
It tight because the top part need to be as wide as the steerer otherwise it not in contact (that solid iirc on that.)

Spanner can work too, or anything strong you can get between it.



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Thanks Fluffy!

Will update here with how I get on... Or in a build thread, if I ever get around to it!


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Have you tried measuring the dimensions at several locations to check that the stem bore and steerer are both perfect circles?


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I haven't, but my cheap Chinese digital caliper isn't the most accurate instrument in the world, so I wouldn't trust it even if the dimensions weren't same everywhere!


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Gents, I just thought I'd post to say: Thank you!

Little emery action; the penny trick... and she slipped straight on!

Just started a build thread for anyone that's curious to follow: