Orange Ms Isle brake setup questions


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Hi Everyone, i just picked up an Orange Ms Isle frame (or maybe a zero? is there any way i can tell?) that i was hoping to put together with old leftover parts. I went to setup the v brakes (since that is what i have on hand) and the rim is not centered between the brake posts. If i flip the wheel in the dropouts it is the same, so the rim is centered between the dropouts. The bike came with old Magura hs33 hydraulic brakes that didnt work and had the same offest issues with the wheel. I dont think the rear wheel on the bike is original to it, i think someone threw old wheels on to make it roll.

Do these bikes require a special dish on the rear wheels? Or is my frame bent? Everything looks reasonably straight, but i know it hard to tell by eye. I would rather put disc brakes on the bike, but i dont want to put the work into it if the frame isnt aligned correctly.

Thanks for the help

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