Old skool and in!! Retrobike charity scheme?


Senior Retro Guru
I think the point is to form a charitable enterprise via the good people on retrobike, who may gave spare time and skills to contribute in one form or another.

There are indeed schemes and charities all over the place who take bikes; out local tip gives all the bikes to a charity who sells them....sadly, for everybody, the charity sees fit to let a internet dealer have first refusal on everything.....for the same £25 a bit they charge for all their bikes.....so when i see a reasonable lx equipped bike by the fence, theres now jo point in going back for it as it will be on ebay in 3 days time for 5 times that.

Ive pointed out to them that the charity is losing a fortune, but the directors just dont want the hassle.

Thats why i think a dedicated retrobike charity would be great, as the true value would end up in the charity.