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Parts list continues...

GT steel quill (ahead lookalike) stem
A nice 90s stem in steel. Although this is an ahead stem it doesn't actually clamp onto the fork steerer tube, but instead an kind of quill adapter is used which clamps to the steerer and stem at the same time. It's not showing in the pics though but I'll add some of it soon. It fits I'' (threaded) steerers. The stem's paint is a bit tired looking but still pretty presentable. For 25.4mm bars. Length 140mm with a fair bit of upward angle.

Syntace seatpost quick release clamp
For camping 34.9mm seatposts. Has a few noticeable scuffs near the qr pivot but still pretty tidy looking.
£7> £5

Suntour New Winner freewheel
A classic 80s wide ratio freewheel. These things were among the best freewheels you could get and survive well as they were so well made. This one also has had very little usage and all the chrome on the teeth hasn't worn and there's no slop in the mechanism and it still clicks loudly. Just gave it a quick wipe-over and it's looking almost like new. It's has very wide ratios but only for the two lowest gears really. Was possibly originally intended for road touring set-ups but I believe quite a few MTBers like this too. Ratios are 32/12.

Ritchey Vantage Sport 26" wheelset, Shimano XT FH-M730/2 hubs
Vintage Ritchey Vantage Sport 26" wheelset. Ritchey rims laced to XT hubs. Neither hub has it's original skewer, both are ones that looks similar but rear is actually a Suntour one and front is a Shimano copy by Avenir.
For 7 speed cassettes (hub is also compatible with 8 speed freehub bodies), and fits Ultraglide or Hyperglide ones. Hubs spin well. Rims are true. Freewheel clicks loudly. One or two marks around the wheels, but pretty excellent otherwise. The rims show staining from the pads but virtually no actual wear (see closeup pics). I've serviced both the hubs and the front's bearings are perfect. The rear's left hand cone is perfect although the right is starting to show wear but is minimal and still spins sweetly. The rims have been destickered but I strongly believe they're Ritchey Vantage Sport due to the distinctive slightly v shaped profile and the fact that IMO it's unlikely xt hubs would have been built up into wheels where the rims aren't quality ones like the above.
Approximate measurements:
135 mm - rear wheel spacing
100 mm - front wheel spacing
36h - rim spoke count
£60> £55



Shimano XT FD-M739 front mech
Band on design for 31.8mm seat tubes (should be able to supply shims for 28.6mm ones, just ask).
E-type/low slung design- this is the first e-type version of the XT model, so pretty rare. Very nice condition, only a few marks to be seen around the mech, plus the XT logo is a little faded. Mechanically all's well, no play anywhere and all threads are good. Slight tarnishing in the chain cage. Adjustment bolts not seized. Top or bottom pull.
£20> £16

Easton EA70 seatpost
Nice condition seatpost with lots of layback. Length is 400mm. Diameter 26.8mm. A few marks to the finish from seatpost clamp tightening. No zigzagging. All threads are good.

Mr Control seatpost
Carbon seatpost. No scratches to the carbon, although there's slight zigzagging lower down and the branding is pretty worn. There's also scuffs on either side of the cradle 27.2mm diameter. 280mm length from bottom of the cradle to the underside of the post.
£20> £16

Sachs Power Glide 11-28t cassette 8 speed
This is a rare Sachs cassette, as the majority of their transmission kit worked with freewheels, not cassettes. Used with Sachs' New Success groupset, and has a similarly solid shifting feel to that of the classic Sachs blocks, with the bonus of being lighter.
Very little used cassette, see close-up pics showing virtually no wear, with the only signs of it being dulling of the ano finish of the steel cogs. Fits Shimano freehub bodies. There are no performance issues when riding. Works fine with Shimano setups.
£25> £21

Ritchey Logic ahead headset
A classic headset. Bearing surfaces show minimal wear with no pitting etc. The headset has been fully serviced with new ball bearings included. Top cap isn't the original Richey one but still looks good. The headset shows a few scuffs here and there but is still presentable. For 1 1/8" steerers.
£15> £13

ODI grips
Used 80s grips but still look pretty new looking, there's a few scuffs but that's it. Theyre translucent/creamy coloured. Pretty rare ODI grips.
£10> £8

Shimano IG51 chain
8 speed NOS chain. 116 links. For Uniglide cassettes but also perfectly fine with the newer HG ones. Would be a useful buy if also buying the above Ritchey wheelset, as the rear wheels takes the Uniglide cassettes.

Shimano STX RC BL-MC38 V brakes
A complete set of these V brakes. These have non Shimano brand pads, so don't think they're the original ones. The brakes work perfectly. All the hardware's there although the rubber bellows can't be seen in the pics. The plastic backing bits aren't cracked. All threads are good and the pads show little wear.
£30> £26

Specialized seatpost quick release clamp
For clamping 34.9mm seatposts. Pretty clean looking with no scrapes showing. Threads are good.
£7> £5

Easton grips
Used 90s slide on grips but still look pretty new looking, the ends look a bit frayed (think they're meant to be used with plugs) but that's it.
£8> £7

Orange OX platform pedals
A nice pair of 90s Orange pedals. Bearings buttery smooth with no play. Threads are good. The paintwork looks a bit tired but could be polished up if you feel the need.
£15> £13

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Updated thread with pics missing in opening post (still a few more to be added though) plus I've found a good few extra parts, including a nice wheelset, so added these although not in the opening post (look at the end of the thread), think that's the whole clearout now:)
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Hi @walkmanman. I pm'd you re a few parts (sts shifters etc) Let me know when you have a price (as I had a question about the levers) and I'll buy the bits asap. Thanks
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Updated thread with pics missing in opening post (still a few more to be added though) plus I've found a good few extra parts, including a nice wheelset, so added these although not in the opening post (look at the end of the thread), think that's the whole clearout now:)
PM for the Suntour freewheel
STX RC shifters and brake levers, Syncros bottom bracket, XTR M953 front mech and Flite saddle now SOLD SOLD SOLD. Yeti grips GONE.
Also- updated the OP parts list where items had no pics. And added a final item to the second list- see the Orange platform pedals at end of list.
Mr Dirt bash guard SOLD SOLD SOLD. I'm still getting extra pics for items in the OP which only have the one. Shouldn't take much longer, but if anyone wants specific ones then ask and I'll do these first.