Neighbours child has forks on backwards - do I say something

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I've seen back to front forks before, but not often. If you're sure they're wrong, tell'em. If they tell you to fek off (they probably won't), sod 'em.............


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Just had one of my kids friends complaining that she can't pedal her bike properly because the saddles too low.

Turns out her dad didn't have a 5mm hex to tighten it up..... So it's just fully inserted and wedged into the frame (fixed now)

He also didn't tighten up the bolt holding one half of the front brake on. So it's only got half a front brake. It's got a rear brake, so I'm not getting involved.


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I saw a lad on a new Carrera the other day with the suspension forks back to front. I only noticed at first as the disc was on the wrong side. I hope Halfords didn't put it together!


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This has all been resolved now. The kid in question got a new bike today, with correctly oriented forks. Not that he seems to ride much I dont think, prefering a scooter and little ramp. Turns out that they are more talkative than I thought so probably would have been OK, I guess lesson learned, judge, book, cover etc.


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Thanks for the views everyone. I'll probably mention it to the child themselves when they are all out playing again. Hopefully it will filter through.
Don’t mention it to the kid. He will probably just think you’re a weirdo. Which you’re not. Kids that age are a bit awkward. Certainly don’t offer the kid to fix it. Need to be super careful around kids.

I would politely bring it to their parent;

“Excuse me; I’m Martin. I couldn’t help but notice that your child’s bikes forks are on backwards. Hope you don’t mind me mentioning but it’s a bit unsafe. Thought I should say something. “

You can “You’re welcome to bring it over if you need help fixing it “


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Nice forks


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