Mystery Frame , Sunday night school homework time


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Good evening all ,
Here a Mystery Frame that I purchased this week on FB market place .
Today I stripped it down to get some better pics for you all to see and to hopefully identify .
You can see it’s suffered rust damage over the years by the TT cable guides that have rusted away along one side where its been left laying on its side for a long period no doubt?
The previous owner painted it black , and before that it was yellow & I think the fork steerer is showing the original colour along with stamp G57S . The seat tube 27.2mm its 57 C-T with 130mm rear & 953 stamp on BB.
Couple of small dents around the BB and I expect under all the paint there maybe mor hidden nasties .
Oh and also the steerer tube top lug looks to of milled down (compared to the bottom lug)
I can’t see any drop out stamps as yet because of the thick paint .
Anyway here’s a load of pics -
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Can't help with a maker but the position of the cable guides and semi-unicrown fork would point to ver late 80's or 90's age wise I would suggest.


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Ok thanks ,
I did also ask over on the FB group Steel is Real (with less detailed photos) before the purchase and the suggestion was maybe Nishiki ONP ?


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Has it got an oversized top tube?...if not I'm guessing that it's a Peugeot Perthus CR500p c...

Peugeot 1992 France Course Brochure CR500PC.jpg


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Standard size TT Vcballbat so I reckon you’ve nailed it 👍 .
looks like most of the parts have been changed, this came with shimano 600 Tri colour Calipers, F&R mech, headset, Durace Chainset , Mavic open pros 8 speed TIagra hubs, 9A1CB3F2-A667-48E8-89CD-3B763A72E292.jpeg itm stem & bars , flight deck shifters .


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I thought it may have been the Reynolds 708 version... that would be 'Groovy Baby' .. not sure if they had the oversized top tube like the Raleigh used.? They were both offered as a frameset. Maybe the steerer tube has been turned down for a French threaded headset..?

Peugeot 1992 France Course Brochure CF708PC CF531PC.jpg

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