My Spooky Metalhead, GT I-drives and Arrow Dss


Dirt Disciple
Hi i thought as more people are posting downhill type stuff i would put up a couple of mine.
Arrow Dss 24" wheel dual slalom bike

Gt Sts Idrive (supposed to get fit on ,has not worked)

Spooky Metalhead jump bike


Sorry about the original photo size i'm a picturebucket virgin :oops:
Nice to see an arrow , first mtb frame dedicated to the 24" wheel .

Metalhead looks proper too :D
Nice little bunch there.... I assume the idrive is now surplus to requirements and you want to sell it to me because its such a poor fitness aid!!!!???
Unfortantly my dad has nicked the sts to see if its any better for his fitness.
I'm also tempted to treat the Spooky to a new paint job but not sure i want to loose its patina (It's my favourite and i domn't want to wreck it)
I used to run an XCR 2000 BITD for slalom and the best thing i could find was a modified AcC top guide like i still run on the spooky which involved machining a new back plate and using some DMR mounting clamps. The MRP on the DHI is specific to it an floats on the i-drive and is fixed to the piviot point