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I've never owned a tubular or ridden one, but yes, as far as I'm aware 'sprint' rims would have been 700c, confused by the fact that a 'tub' had a nominal outer diameter of about 27", so might've been colloquially referred to as a "27inch tubular" in pre-metric Britain.
Brakes-not much info here, either: but the plastic nuts and hexagon-ended pivot bolts on yours look to be 1980s Weinmann parts.
Actually, looking at the other GB models pictured on Velobase- they don't seem to have a longer reach rear brake than front, even most of the Universal models- which I expected to- don't either, so I've probably got to eat my words..🙁🙂
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Thanks for the link. It is full of interesting parts and information. Whether it was a 'Road Path' or Track frame I guess it is probably 1959-1961. I think I would like to repaint it and possibly chrome it beforehand. I bought it years ago because it is in my size and I didn't want to miss out but I haven't ridden it yet. After this discussion I think I'll probably go fixed or freewheel with it. Mavic Monthlery Pro tubular rims might suit it.

I'd like to try to find out if the frame would have been a 'Tottenham Lighweights' 179 Tottenham High Road frame or a 'Pat Hanlon' 175 Tottenham High Road. I know the numbering system changed in 1964 perhaps this was for the change to 'Pat Hanlon'?