My First build help/advice steel Marin Team Marin frame save


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Hi hamster,

interesting thought and Ive never had a they make you stronger...Ive heard they do...where do you notice it most when you're back on a geared bike? Ive heard if you want to get fitter and are short on time SS is the way to go....If you're in the New Forest...I take it there are still lots of decent long climbs?...did your pine mountain have front suspension or did you upgrade the marin rigid fork?

Singlespeeding is great! typically you lose around 3kg of weight off the bike, which certainly helps. You definitely get fitter - the first couple of months are not exactly a bundle of laughs but you do improve fast. If you are a time-poor middle aged man (like me and most on here) then you will benefit. What surprised me is that it improved my bike handling - scrubbing off hard-earned speed got punished and I learned to corner faster. I think they are best served with a rigid fork as you will spend a fair bit of time out of the saddle uphill. Also I have never had knee pain as it is impossible to mash big gears (and I have dodgy knees after riding on the road).
Of course with a 20lb bike you also can hop and jump it really easily too.

When you are fitter with such a flyweight bike you will be able to tear up the climbs ahead of all the people on their spanky power ranger Specializeds, which is rather satisfying. The New Forest tends to have short steep climbs with smooth tracks, so definitely suits a rigid singlespeed. I wouldn't want one for the Peak District however...

As for forks, the Pine Mtn (mine was a 94) as stock had a 390mm fork and always felt nervous. Replacing it with a 410mm P2 made it handle far better.


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Re: Clean Up

Ok after some hard graft this is how she's doing, just another going over with 800 then 1000 sandpaper and she's done, started with vinegar and foil then (lifted!) nail brush paper. Followed up with 600 aluminium oxide sandpaper which got it to this with bare hands and the 3M sanding tool I found, after 15 hours work I'm pretty happy I have to say!

Vinegar and foil was a chore but worked and sandpaper worked very well on the to collect the parts....will post list here and in MTB Wanted section.

Have kept old stickers on....any help sourcing the team marin top tube and star spangled banner ones I need would be much appreciated, is there a stickers forum section I've forgotten? the flag is not the same both sides ie. it does read left to right both sides? never owned a Marin sorry

Anyway hope you like my work...she's a beauty!


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Ok required parts list all from '93 for my Team Marin build.

Marin Ultralite bars (150g), Marin Lite stem cable roller with pin and the marin lite sticker (my stem is 135mm and at a guess 5deg rise (270g)), Marin lite vp 105 pedals, Marin Lite silver seatpost 26.0mm (245g), marin lite ti saddle, Marin Lite black seatpost clamp (26), Araya RM395 Team Rims 32 hole, Double butted 1.8-1.6 spokes (perhaps Wheelsmith), Black Marin Rockstar Spinner forks, one Manitou elastomer holder, one elastomer fixing bolt and one adjustment barrel with it's screw. Then Ritchey True Grip WCS grips and Marin Rockstar 2.1 Kevlar tyres (~585g). Also the following all Shimano Deore XT:-
BR-M734-M brakeset
FD-M736 bottom pull front derailleur
RD-M735 Rear derailleur
FC-M730-A 46-36-26 Chainset
ST-M095 Brake/Shifters
FH-M732 Rear Cassette Hub
HB-M730 Front Hub
matching stickers for my Sharkfin(!)
HG70 chain and finally,
HG70 12-28 Cassette!!

I've done my research!!

If I'm missing anything let me know!?....ahhh....inner tubes...what inner tubes did a '93 Team Marin leave the factory with!?

Also Ti bolt kit and Ti shimano axles would be would a Titec Ti Bottom Bracket..which I just realised is what I definitely forgot.

Hope you can help with some suggestions.