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So yesterday I went to the local Auction, with no intention of buying a bike. But for some time I've been thinking of getting something more robust for winter riding.Anyway I saw it and had to have it! I've cleaned it up Etc. But have no idea on date or groupset. Shimano Exage I thought was early 90's mountain bike kit!
Frame No: 9J6057
Reynolds 500 tubing (heavy I know)
So can anybody help with a date?






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Thanks for your help it looks like an 88 from all my research. Just wish I had a catalogue from back then to check :x


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That there is my first 'proper' road bike. Year would indeed be 88 i believe (certainly thats when i got mine). Mine was a bit larger, but rode very well indeed (still my favourite bike ive had. Stolen by some bastard in 1990 or so) Must admit that i would love to find a same era Stratos (531 and shimano 600 i think) in my size!

Your one looks in very good nick, enjoy! :)


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I still have the receipt for my exact same bike and it was bought in 1988 . Good to see what it should look like after all those years!


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i just bought the exact same Bike but i need new tubes and tires ,i cannot read what size i need as they are worn off ,i brought it to bike shop,the only one open due to covid 19 virus and they do not have the size and said it looked like 20.25 but i mesured wheel and it was at 25 inches soooo can anybody tell me the size and where i can purchase them, fingers crossed someone can help
i see these numbers on the actual tire rim 16-622 so is that the size tire that goes on it?


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The two measurements are the width of the rim (16) and the rim diameter (622) in mm.
A suitable tyre would be 700c x 23mm or 700c x 25mm, the 23 and 25 are the width of the tyre, the 700 is the diameter of the tyre (sort of, it varies and gets complicated).

Merlin are a good online supplier. ... _size=700c

Otherwise, Halfords, Evans, Decathlon, Wiggle all sell 700c tyres.


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Thank you for the reply, you are correct in your size I found a bike shop open in a town close by and they had 700c x 23 in stock and installed them again Thank you for the reply