My bikes.

Serviced my Carrera Tanneri as it was in need after we toured last time. I'd fitted 9 speed Sora a while back. This bike has taken some serious abuse both touring and off road. I like it so much I have a spare frame in the loft 🙄
I took the rack off and fitted an sqr fitting, as I just use the Randonneur for all touring now.
New pads, tyres and some new wheels of much better quality. Finished with a good clean, lube and polish.
Looking at the pictures I need to clean the rust out of the cap heads and front mech limit screws.

IMG_20240611_160524311.jpg IMG_20240611_160554687.jpg IMG_20240611_160601913.jpg IMG_20240611_160608173.jpg IMG_20240611_160635988.jpg IMG_20240611_160629629.jpg IMG_20240611_160706149.jpg IMG_20240611_160936193.jpg
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Adore your Royal Bob, every part you have chosen enhances the style, just perfect. I finished polishing the brakes you sent the other day... Cheers mate.
Thanks Bob. Its mainly original. It came with flat bars, it would have had drops so I fitted the Morphe bars and Velo Orange stem. I prefer a leather saddle. Stainless mudguards and I had to change the chainset as it had been run loose and marked the tapers sadly. The 105 brake and gear levers are the right series to match the 105 UG hubs.
I'm glad the brakes were of use. I'm looking forward to see the Wester Ross, Carlton and that lovely bronze Claud Butler.
I've been collecting parts for my 1980 French import Record Ace. I finally got around to fitting them.

New brake hoods, the originals rotted and I prefer black hoods. Dura ace chainset. Narrow mudguards. 600 Arabesque mechs. SR Royal handlebars. Milremo bar plugs. A better 1978 Brooks Professional.

I really like this bike, it just fits so well. I'm able to go much quicker on this than a lot of modern bikes. It had a sticker on the top tube that said "Bacquet". This has left a shadow in the paint which hasn't faded, I rather like the effect. After some research this appears to be a French racing club. I named it Scabby. Because it is.

IMG_20240630_190552782~2.jpg IMG_20240630_190929449.jpg IMG_20240630_190911714.jpg IMG_20240630_190840949.jpg IMG_20240630_190758665.jpg IMG_20240630_190745841.jpg IMG_20240630_190738062.jpg IMG_20240630_190728115_HDR.jpg IMG_20240630_190724688.jpg IMG_20240630_190720044.jpg