My bikes.

1990 Carrera Quattro Pro. Top of the range Halfords bicycle. It's one of those bikes that stuck with me. Nowadays these are bought for the black XT group set and the frame goes to landfill, boat anchor, hardcore, etc...
I've had this frame a while and was experimenting earlier in the thread. I'd given up trying to find the right group set because they are so expensive, then @mclaren680 came to my aid and sold me his, thanks David. Check his resto mod in the MTB section.
Parts that aren't catalogue correct are, saddle I prefer my choice. Seat post I think my choice is nicer. Handlebar stem should be a flex stem, no thanks, bars should match seat post. Headset is a Tange sealed bearing which is far superior to a loose balls XT IMO.
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seems an awful lot of effort to go to just to lift the bottle closer to you, but ok, you do you. :)