Modern tyre advice


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small gravel seems to make Rapid Robs in rapid slippy bastards

Geax Metzcal have been great but where to find them?

The later Vittoria version does not seem as good

Mine have lasted 5 years and show no signs of wear or cracking


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Getting harder and harder to find lightweight 26" tyres now. I'm running out of time now with what are pretty old Conti Cross Country 26" x 1.5. Looking for something like the Rene Herse Humptulip Ridge but without the price tag, ideally
1.75 - 2.1" width
tan wall preferred
rolls fast on gravel and tarmac
not worried about mud shedding - its mainly used on dry hard trails

Here's where I am at:
Rene Herse - would love to try them but cannot justify that price tag
SimWorks "The Hommage" - look great but probably work out same price as Rene Herse
Schwalbe Hurricane - look ok but heavy for the size - wish they done that tread in a lightweight 120TPI casing
Schwalbe Billy Bonkers - just not sure if they are too lightweight for gravel trails / fire roads

The rest, Panaracer, Vittoria, all seem impossible to get hold of.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


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As Martin previously mentioned, Black Jacks. Not too expensive, perform well on tarmac, trails and light gravel. Just stay away from the mud! I’ve tried contis and found them just as good but they weigh more. I just wish the Black Jacks came in tan wall.


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Some modern wide tyres might have to be deflated before they will fit between the cantilever brake blocks. My tyres are not that wide, and they were a tight squeeze. This problem may be worse when using the more modern cartridge style of brake blocks with replaceable inserts, as they are slightly longer than the old style, and can foul on the fork legs and seat stay tubes when the straddle wire is released. In my case I can't revert to old style short brake blocks, because I have ceramic rims, so I need Swiss Stop blue pads. I had to abandon my plans to fit wider tyres when I realised that as well as brake block clearance being a problem, there would be little or no clearance between the tyre and the frame/forks. Fortunately maximum tyre performance is not a big deal for me. I like bumbling along bridleways rather than shredding downhills at trail centres.


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Hutchinson Toro 2.1 - look more like 1.9s on mind. Absolute sleeper of a tyre; light, supple, grippy and rolls nicely. about £15 each from Decathlon when I last bought.