Modern indexed downtube shifters (10) on a steel frame.

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Thanks. I had settled for probably getting an Ultegra 6600 rear derailleur but was keeping an eye on a very clean 7800 front and rear derailleur set that was going for a good price on ebay. Managed to get them at 6600 RD prices last night, even if I had to stay up till 3am to secure it with a late bid. :facepalm:

Can anyone recommend a band-on adaptor for the front braze-on derailleur (28.6)? I see that I can get a metal mount in 28.6 from Taiwan in silver or get a current production adaptor in 34.9 and get a plastic shim for underneath. Which is better, can anyone say?

The silver one might look better on the frame! ... lsrc=aw.ds



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You buy the adaptor the correct diameter to suit the frame tube. So if 28.6 is the tube size, that's the one. Buying an oversized one and shimming it is a make-and-do bodge in my opinion. Plenty out there for about a fiver


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Dolan Driver":1rmz36es said:
Thanks for the info on the 7800 levers. I wasn't aware of them. Downtube levers certainly aren't cheap but I guess investing in decent gearing components will pay off. The frame and forks are "free" given that they languished in my shed and were destined for the scrap heap until I considered a possible restoration.

I wish the RL340 brake levers had a white hoods option but black hoods with silver levers will do.

What diameter clamp do I need for a Renyolds 531 frame for the front derailleur? It is a band-on instead of a braze-on derailleur required, I see 28.6 and 31.8 being mentioned in measurements for various derailleurs.

If I'm not wrong 28.6 (1 1/8") would be the correct size for a band on derailleur for a regular reynolds framed bike.