Met a legend yesterday (warning thread contains Crud)


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Ooh that must be a bit poignant remembering him on your birthday dude!
I don't think I actually knew that he had died when I first watched dirt, all i/my mates knew, was that they were cool as owt and made us want to go and ride, whenever we watched it!
I still love the vid now and do watch it from time to time haha!
Was interesting to chat to Pete candidly about the video and making it, as it took him weeks and weeks to get the permissions and copyrights to use the tracks that he did, and timing bits of the tracks, to bits of the action, like the first drum hit on 'This Side of Heaven' by Play Dead, exactly as Rob lands off the little jump he did when setting off down the long fire road across the moors..
Or Scott coming off and ripping his visor off and launching it, to the ending cords of 'Teenage' by The Fallen Angels.
Took them months to edit it all together and get the soundtrack right, but it worked so well in my eyes!

They did actually re-release dirt, along with other films on a dvd years back, borrowed it from a mate but they put a totally different soundtrack on it, and it was just unwatchable, didn't work at all so I turned it off and sent on YouTube instead haha :LOL: