merlin xlm titanium


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Hi guys, girls, I've never used this service before, so I've no idea if it sees much traffic and therefor opinions...

I'm looking for a valuation on this, ... 4652806847


It's not mine, but I'm potentially interested in buying it. It's not worth anywhere near £2.8k. Or is it?


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YETI-BEAR":izgcw2u5 said:
do you want to sell it?

No, I was looking to buy.

It seems this is a sleepy part of the forum, it sees much traffic, 386 views at this point so about 100 views a day, but no opinions.


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About £1k overpriced, I think. Nice frame and fork, but much of the rest of the kit is personal taste. I'd wait a while and then make an offer!


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That’s the price of the components I’d say. Probably close to what the owner has spent on it. So justified in a certain way. Yet somehow overpriced for a full bike, especially if you want to change parts (question of taste). Why not look for a frame alone and do you own build?