mazda 6, anyone owned or own one?


Retro Wizard

The great thing about Audis is you can look over at any other Audi/VW and it is basically exactly the same car. Just a little higher, or a little lower.

I looked over from my £200 A6, albeit lowered, the other day and thought, that R8 is EXACTLY the same as this car!

Even better, I gave way to a lesbian couple in their modern Beetle in the ASDA car park, and guess what? That Beetle was very hard to tell from the A6. Practically identical, so they are!

Almost crashed into a Bentley Flying Spur driving through the business district. I thought it was a reflection in a window!

Luckily, the Bugatti Veyron I was outrunning up to the lights on the ring road pulled off before its top end speed advantage was pressed into service. I wouldn't want the owner getting into trouble for attempting to justify the extra million pounds she had spent!

However, the very bestest thing is how the old 60s bug and bus crowd wave to me at the lights.

Flower power, man!