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MAXTHEROTTI bought some magura disc brakes from me earlier in the month. Within minutes of dibs'ing the item and getting payment detail he'd paid and given a postage address. This was an expensive item and he has conducted himself perfectly in communications, payment and in giving feedback to myself after the event (and other members he's bought from the looks of it).

I'm sure like most retrobikers he'll be looking to offload a few bits that won't get used on his projects. So please rest assured and indeed leave feedback yourself for this retrobiker as he buys and sells..
Just bought some forks from MAXTHEROTTI. Packed and posted the same day I paid and arrived within 2 days. Great forks and spot-on service, so he's a good seller as well as buyer!
MAXTHEROTTI Is a absolute star, i managed to send him some extra stuff by mistake and was kind enough to forward it on to the correct person. he is very patient, very prompt payer, a great communicator and extremely honest.

I would have no problem buying from or selling to him in the future.

sad to say his taste in tyres colours has affected my opinion of him.just joshing...fantastic fella to talk to and deal with ...even threw in some free stickers for me pace forks....yay.
Agree to all the above, top fella to deal with in every way. Item arrived swiftly as mentioned by others too :)

It's also nice to know that i'm not alone in using video games as a secondary hobby ;) :LOL:

Cheers Rob
Top frame, Top delivery,Top bloke!

Al. :D

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