Mavic Crossland 135mm fitting problem

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I have a pair of Mavic Crossland wheels. Rim brake. The rear is 135mm. I have fitted an 8 speed Microshift cassette with a Mavic locking nut. There was a little play, so I fitted a 1.6mm shim.

Upon fitting the wheel to 2 separate 135mm rear frames, the cassette binds horribly upon tightening. There is no way I'm even getting a chain in there. I noticed the hub axle nut on the cassette side is not clearing the cassette face.

Where have I gone wrong? 20240402_123434.jpg 20240402_123416.jpg
I don't think you need the spacer, or a thinner one. I thought these wheels were designed for 8/9 speed.
It's an 8/9 wheel, so looks like the freehub body isn't fitted right, or axle assembly is wrong.

Find the exploded diagram, dismantle, check nothing's missing, or surplus.
Have a close look at the axle end caps. Someone might have lost the right one, and substituted another that fitted OK but is too shallow.

If the lockring screws down properly to hold the cassette, then there should be a couple of mm axle projecting beyond this.
That's a boss reply. The Microshift cassette deffo needs a spacer. I've recently rebuilt a Mavic 577 hub, and that has oodles of clearance between the cassette side axle nut and the dropouts.
The non drive side of these wheels is radially spiked, which requires a long spacer between the axle nut and dropout.
I'll have a search for the service manual.
Stay tuned if you have a similar problem...
Pop a vernier caliper across the axle to verify the width. Should be 135mm - may indicate a problem if less.
change that lock ring! its too thick!

**and , far more importantly, you need an aluminium carrier cassette like an XT. Its an aluminium freehub body so its not designed for steel cassettes. The alu spider/ carrier sits slightly further back than a steel and will tighten up snuggly with no rattle**
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