Marin pine mountain dark zolotone


Dirt Disciple
Hi everyone, been looking for a nice example of the above for quite a few years now but there seems to be 2 separate models that look very much the same with the one that my friend had back in the day being a very lightweight bike but the only ones I’ve found although identical looking with the orange fork and handlebars in the dark zolatone been quite heavy bikes, maybe their different years/models entirely so was wondering if the knowledgeable folks on here could put me straight so I know what I’m asking for in my search…Thanks…Lewis…
Shouldn't be much difference in the zolatone models mate. 1990 was light zolatone with orange fork and white decals, 91 dark zolatone with orange forks and orange decals. A few late 90 bikes had the darker finish too. 91's had thicker seat stays but there was little difference in the weight and the group set was almost the same.

The 92 may have been a chunk lighter but the zolatone was replaced with a satin finish and most had orange stays as well (although I believe grey frame, orange forks/stem was an option?)