For Sale Manners…


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They’re free! And available in all good character..

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that when offering things for free - karma - gratis that any potential recipients of free items use such pleasantries as ‘please’, ‘thank you’ etc… for me, expressions such as ‘I’ll take it’, ‘that’ll do’ etc carry a somewhat antagonising whiff of entitlement.. and I find it very difficult to respond to such messages, hence don’t be surprised if I ignore them..

it happens so often and really surprises me, I’m sorry if this upsets or alienates some people.. perhaps I’m just old fashioned..

I’ll get off my soap box now.. enjoy your evening..

Edit.. Wow, who put 50p in the baj ay? Bit of wine after a bad day and look what happens..! There will be a few reading this going ‘this d***head took ages to get back to me’ or worse.. I’m not perfect, and I do apologise, you know who you are.. I will make more effort to do as I say!
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I said please and thank you for some Ritchie Vantage wheels that were offered for Karma once and it didn't do me any good ☹️ The last I heard they were getting a box sorted for them and then they wouldn't reply any more....


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I sold an old Saracen to a youngish chap who said he was getting in retro bikes. I had another Saracen frame here that another member karma'd to me so I said here you go you can have this as well. First thing he said was 'I will sell that'. Lesson learnt !.

I'm definitely old school, manners don't cost anything. I must be the most polite person on FB Marketplace as in my head if someone gets a ton of messages they may just go for the person who actually had the manners to say please and thank you. Don't think it's done me much good to date mind.