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(I've looked for a feedback for magas but haven't found one, sorry if this is a double)

Martin recently bought a frame from me.
Great comms and paid quickly with no fuss.

Cheers! :D :D :D

Martin bought a frame from me months ago and has only just recieved it after a number of dfifficulties, some of my own making this end with couriers and getting the frame shipped.

Martin throughout was the most courteous and polite and calm bloke i have ever met, when most people would be jumping up and down shouting and swearing, Martin was more worried about the distress it was causing me than himself.
then when the frame did arrive he lets me know and that he's happy

My highest recommendation goes to Martin, the coolest most chilled out man you will ever meet and one of the nicest to boot.

Cheers Martin for being so nice, good man, and sorry once again!

cheers mate and Entschuldigung,Es tut mir leid,Verzeihung and

Charlieboy :cool: :LOL: :oops: :oops: :cool: :LOL: :cool:
Martin is a top guy , very quick to pay and let me know as soon as it arrived to him in Austria . Top guy
2nd time Martin has bought something from me, and as last time paid straight away and let me know once arrived. Top guy, would recomend to everyone
Awesome guy !!!

First one to offer help when I needed someone to do funds transfer within the EU... Did the funds thru for me, and keeping me updated all the time !

Karma owed !!!

Thanks Mate