Kona Kilauea 1997


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I know the bike market is bleak, but any guesstimates as to a realistic sale price for my Kileaua? Must be one of the nicest about.
Most of the components off a slightly later Explosif I believe. I fitted a 737 crankset because I prefer looks over the 739, which will come with it. As will the never used mid-2000s P2s.


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A quick look on ebay shows a lot of old Konas for sale at varying prices. It looks like there might be absolutely zero demand for the old bikes that we all enjoy and as such it's really difficult to guess at the value.

What price would attract a buyer? Maybe £200 - £250?
If all original around the £300 mark, which is around the same as if you split the above bike, possibly more. The size of the frame is a plus, and looks like a pretty complete groupset.
Thanks all. In no particular order...I could keep it, but unlikely ever to ride it for health reasons. If I put the 739 cranks on then complete except for the Vs, but not original to the frame. The components came I think from a '99 Explosif. The P2s are from 2006, I saw the Evans receipt that stated 3x butted. Year of SIDs I don't know.
Probably sell a couple of hacks to make space and hope that I might get it out for even just a few miles some time!
Bike market sure is dead - and Kona brand looks to be in deep trouble.
The bike market is still alive, especially for bikes and parts like these, just the high prices of some mean items stay around unsold for longer.
If you had the original grey TB P2s you'd have a stronger chance, the latter models aren't as sought after (and the "wrong" dimensions for the frame). That said, the frame looks in great condition and the lacquer is intact which from my experience, is an issue with the 97 model.

The market is all over the place so on a good day complete £300+, a bad day sub £200.
^ Thanks.
Not so sure about fork length, but point taken re originality.
Guess I'll just ride it however few times I can over next few months then split it.