Kona explosif 1991 retromod


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Hi everyone.
So I always wanted an Kona steel bike more specifically an explosif. So after restoring a 1993 cindercone Link (posted with my previous account) I searched for a 1990's Explosif frame in 19 our 20.
I got this one of ebay that I hope is a real 1991 explosif frame. So if anyone is good with serial numbers I will leave of photo of the bottom bracket.

I am not restoring it completely with period correct components. Mainly because I've done it with the cindercone before and I want to use this one as a training bike.

So I will keep you guys posted on the progress.
I am going to paint this one myself not sure of the colours yet.


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So progress has been very slow. I've decided to paint it green with black letters.

Sorting out all the parts that I need. One thing has been difficult to find is a seatpost shim from 25.0 to 26.8. in my cinder cone I have one from USE but I is out of stock and cannot find a new one.