Klein Pinnacle 1990, help with a valuation...


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Hi there,
As you can see, first post, so be kind;)
I have a 1990 Klein Pinnacle, medium, that I bought new. It was originally red and changed to green (by Klein approved painters) in 1994 when John Atkins of Leamington Spa completely rebuilt it.
It was well used, with various minor dings on the frame and chainstay, and I just stored it after I last rode it in 1998ish. So its a complete bike project...
I was always on the verge of rebuilding, but after a garage clear out, this is just not going to happen.
Spec is Deore XTR brakes and XT gearset (thumbshifters), Pace RC35 forks, Mavic 217 rims, Tange Comet headset, San Marco Rolls saddle, Yeti grips, Orange bar ends, shark fin etc.
Apols, I havent figured out how to post images yet...

BUT, I have no idea what is a fair price for a "project" Pinnacle.
Can anyone help please?

And, Yes, this is a "soft" sales ad and Ill repost in the For Sale section, but my main objective is to see it returned to former glory;)