boy"O"boy's 1990 Klein Attitude Dolomite/ Team USA/ Mavic build


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Amazing build. Also have a huge soft spot for Klein’s in this colour way, must be the late 80s/early 90s fluro thing!

Don’t think I could choose between the Pace and Klein, as you have both it looks like you don’t have too!!! 🤣


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BITD I read in a magazine that they called the Pace the English Klein. Wish I had bought one BITD to go next to my Klein. Both great mtb’s


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Superb choice of groupset on the Klein, really fancy doing a Mavic equipped bike one day, the derailleur and headset decals are just so iconic. Really fantastic to finally get one of your unicorns😎


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I don't even like these and I love this!

I really like how you've kept it simple, traditional and yet different, all at the same time.

I think every single component works perfectly on this.

Which levers are on there now, by the way? The Kooka's would no doubt look great too.

Oh and I actually like this bike more in this size. Often it looks "too small and too chunky" to me. Stretched out a little it seems more refined somehow?

I dunno. I wouldn't ever buy one, but I would deffo love to somehow just have one!

If I did, it would probably take it's inspiration from yours.


PS. I could stare at the Cooks/Mavic combo all day long. I'm sure it's been done before, I assume everything's been done before, but I'm not sure I've personally ever seen it. It's dreamy.


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And people still don’t know why Kleins are special. The pace is Ok, but Klein was in annother league. Pace only have that special tubes and cable routing, klein was different of any other bicycle with so many details and new stuff. That doesn’t mean that works better than standar parts but looks much better.